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Young Soles NZ

Wow, I guess I don’t need to tell some of you who live in small towns how exciting it is when something “new” comes to town!

For Kaikoura it is Young Soles NZ, we have had no shoe shops for kids. We have had the option of driving 2 hours north or 3 hours south to get to towns that have anything half pie decent UNTIL …. Isobel decided to start her new venture selling kids shoes – AWESOME kids shoes, Awesome NZ made kids shoes!!

Young Soles NZ stock McKinlays of Dunedin which are pure leather and very hardy, I have had my 7 year old put them to the test and boy does he test shoes! Below is an example of what I bought


I was probably a lot like some of you, buying cheap shoes because “they’ll only last a little while” my son uses his foot to stop himself when on his scooter, he kicks stones, he jumps and climbs and does all the things little boys do which are no good for shoes and more often than not he goes through on average 2 pairs a term! I was at my wits end specially since he has growing feet and having bad fitting or broken shoes are no good for support and all that jazz but most of all his little feet were getting wet due to holes in the soles and rain water getting in.

Well it was so funny, the other morning when I asked him if he enjoyed his new shoes he said ” Mum they are really comfy BUT even better did you know THEY ARE WATER PROOF! I ran through the wet grass the other morning and when I got into class my socks were dry.”

So there we go, a grand endorsement from a 7 year old!

Although these shoes are not cheap they are more than worth paying a little more for because they last! An extra bonus is that you get to deal with the lovely Isobel who will help you to choose the right shoe/s

You can either buy these shoes from her online store or in the shop “the pink design room” where there is more of a selection.

I wish Isobel all the best in this new venture and hope that you mummies pop over and check out her page and share the love! xxx

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Hello my lovelies, hope you are all keeping warm and snug!

Well today I will be doing my write up about a little Nelson based business and brand called Charislee Clothing. I was fortunate enough to have met the owner not so long ago at the Christchurch winter gift fair, Anna also has a home deco range called Home – Lee which I will review at a later date since today I want to concentrate on Charislee.

I “somehow” managed to buy just a few items from Anna – I’m hoping my husband believes me when I tell him “but I’ve had these FOREVER”. The postage was super fast, I got my parcel the next day which is just awesome when you are excited and this is what I got ……



This outfit (the top and leggings)

10329046_10153048961487576_826452982759667732_nAND this outfit too 10540404_10153048960337576_7743619659789761279_nAND – yes these too 10513489_10153048963507576_4539498790458009456_nTold you it was a “somehow” moment Eeek!! 

But oh my word they are so comfy! I have worn the second outfit already and man I’m in love, the purple dress is pure merino and a really light merino – I’m warm but not itchy! And the leggings are great too because they are a good thickness for this time of the year but will also be fine for summer! (See husband I can wear these babies ALL YEAR ROUND ). I’m also enjoying the thickness of the waist band on the leggings (no muffin top to see here – coz it’s squashed in and hidden) haha! 

All in all I really think you should have a look at Anna’s Facebook Page, if you don’t buy something now you might want to just “like” it for future references.


The Lady Behind The Brand   

Meet Anna and read her story – Another FUNKY MUMMA!

 Love your work Sweet xx


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Wow, I could not believe my luck when browsing the other day I came across these babies! They are my new gumboots – YES, gumboots aren’t they fantastic! And SO comfy, I really don’t want to take them off.


photo (9)  

 This is me sitting at Waves Hairdressers waiting for my son’s hair to be cut! Thanks Lyndy xx



photo (10)

I got them from Redcurrents online store where they are having a massive sale.

Now you are probably thinking Red Current isn’t a small store in fact they have a few stores around the country,well Redcurrent started in little old Havelock North (South Island) in 1999 by two lovely ladies and have grown to what they are today. The business started like most of ours are now – selling at markets, to friends and on facebook. 

I guess I wanted to do a a write up on them to inspire us! With time we too can be great! 

AND I wanted to show off my Awesome shoes! 

Red Current’s Story is HERE if you would like to have a read


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Lotsa Love 

Joni xx





Stitch Hot – The Name Says It All !!


Yay!!! My parcel arrived from Stitch Hot with my GORGEOUS infinity scarf and just in time for this really cold weather! It is freezing down here in the South Island and it doesn’t help living under a mountain.

Good thing my neck is being kept nice and toastie – below is how my scarf came packaged, (I of course had to wear it as soon as I got it so it’s not packaged properly, but you get the idea) I loved the detail on the brown paper and the card even has a little piece of fabric on the back!

 photo 2 (8)

And of course another shot just incase you were looking at the packaging instead of the product hehe

photo 1 (8)


It is just SO warm even with no polar fleece or wool anywhere to be seen. Nicola has a real knack for putting colours together just check out her other scarves in her Felt store. Please pop over to Nicola’s facebook page and show her some love – you might even find something nice for yourself!



The Lady behind the brand

Stitch Hot creates unique accessories for women using reclaimed and repurposed materials.

I love to find the beauty in something that would otherwise be thrown away. There are so many options out there for materials to create beautiful pieces with and I enjoy being free to create and share my designs with you. I also really enjoy breathing new life into the treasures my Nana has handed down to me. In some cases these pieces of lace, ribbon and buttons have been hiding in Nana’s sewing room for decades just waiting for the perfect project.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or special requests. I would be very happy to help you.


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The Mort Morgue!


This is a lot different to my last couple of posts where I have chatted about human “things” I have bought but today I’m going to tell you all about my purchase from the lovely Mort!

A year ago I brought home my little fur baby Ruby (much to my husbands horror) and of course the first thing I wanted to do was find her a coat because she is one – little and two – short haired. I came across The Mort Morgue and thought yip we’ll give this a go! Below is the first coat I bought for Ruby.


Now, you’ll be looking at that picture and thinking WHAT THE HELL KIND OF DOG IS THAT!!?? Well she is a Chaweenie – yip, that’s the name someone decided to call a half chihuahua and half sausage dog (I know funny right!)

Anyway, due to Ruby having a longer body a normal sized coat just doesn’t cover her whole back,so I requested 5cm added to the back of the next couple of coats I bought and below is what I received and I couldn’t be happier!!

photo 1 (7)              photo 2 (7)

I love the fact Mort custom makes her coats, I got to choose the colour fabric and change the size – I Love sugar skulls and these two fabrics were among a few options I could choose from. The quality is fantastic, in fact Ruby decided to fall in the creek the other day and got drenched! She climbed out and once inside in front of the fire I took her coat off and she was wet everywhere except for where her coat was (The coats are lined with snuggly polar fleece) I popped it the the washing machine and it was as good as new! SO

For those who have precious fur babies like mine, please think about popping over to Mort’s page and have a look at what she makes and support little NZ made businesses like Mort’s I definitely recommend it!

The Lady Behind The Brand 

Mort Is an artist/hobbiest with a love of animals and goth/alternative.

New Zealand made Unique and Unusual Hand Crafted Items… Unique Customs. Specializing in apparel for the toy and small breeds of dog.

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Loopy about LULA’S!

My next small business is one of my all time favourites when it comes to up – cycled clothing! Annette is such a talented lady, that once again (and she can vouch for me on this one) my money is not safe!

Once you buy one of her gorgeous creations there is no stopping at just one! 

My first purchase from L.U.L.A.’s was this gorgeous vest that my 4 year old Pippa.


I then – like I said couldn’t stop at one so I bought a really cute, really well made tunic, which is also denim so it can be worn for all occasions. I usually only allow the kids to wear their “preschool clothes” to preschool because of the wear and tear on their prettier clothes but let me tell you – this gorgeous little tunic has seen the sandpit, the paint table and all other preschool related fun and it just keeps on going! Soooooo ……….



I then went on to purchase not ONE, not TWO but THREE more vests from Annette and the kids have virtually lived in them! Like Iv’e said before they are VERY well made so they are not coming apart after a few washes and SO warm that the kids over heat if they wear anything more than a long sleeve top underneath.

(My 3 monkeys, Isla 3, Jono 7 and Pippa 4)



I then one night came across one of Annette’s auctions she was having and low and behold this little beauty was calling my name!


It’s a SCOODIE (scarf and hoodie) – YES, something for me!!!

So as you can see from my absolute love of the L.U.L.A. brand that Annette’s page is well worth the time browsing through and taking the time to look. Did I mention that EVERY item she makes is unique – just like the child who wears it.

You can visit LULA’S facebook page by clicking here

A bit about the lady behind the brand

I started up my passion for designing and sewing.
I have been renowned for my love of designing and sewing since my school days over 30 years ago, beginning from then designing my own unique creations, dressing my own four children and now two grandchildren, whom one of them, Lucila, I have named my hobby after. Over this time my husband and I have been running our own business which keeps us on our toes, and so, my love of creating took a back seat for a while. I decided to rekindle my passion with flair, turn my once warm garage for my car into a sewing workshop and start up a little side project on top of those busy days…It’s been an amazing journey and I hope I will keep inventing original, exciting clothes from my array of colourful fabrics I have surrounding me. I create my garments from vintage linens and just plain interesting fabrics. Thank you to all my many followers who have made this possible for me to enjoy my hobby even more. Annette x

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ETC Handmade

ETC logo
Well, it wasn’t hard for me to choose my first business to talk about!
I was doing so well (in terms of buying clothing) until I came across ETC Handmade!
A little online business run from home by mum of 3 Aliesha (she will introduce herself below).
I bought these two pairs of leggings which I find Soooo comfy not to mention a bit funky! A great length too as I’m a rather short person and I find that even the smaller size leggings you get from mainstream shops are always too long.
The thing I like most about buying from ETC is that I get to choose what colours I want to put together with all items.
 Next are my two hoodies that I bought xs-xl $65
I decided to go with all black since I am a mum of 3 little ones and getting spilt on, drooled on and whatever else that comes from kids usually ends up on me when wearing light colours (Murphy law).
These hoodies are fantastic, they are a fabulous length – they cover my butt really well (even when bending over) and the fabric is really great cotton. I’m going to be getting myself another couple just after I receive my harem pants (hehe).
You can definitely feel the love in every stitch and I do hope that this little business continues to grow and grow!
You are one FUNKY MUMMA Aleisha xxx
ETC hoodie2ETC Hoodie
A few words from the lady behind the brand
My name is Aliesha Sherwin, this is my family taken about 6 months ago at my daughters 1st birthday – rainbow theme yay!
I have a 1yr old girl, Elena (E) 5yr Boy Tyler (T) & 3yr Boy Conner (C)
so thats what ETC means! if I have another i’ll call it handmade lol (actually just laughed outloud)!
Oh and thats my hubby Scotty (hes awesome & helps me out heaps cutting all my orders out like a boss)
im 27yrs old and am a stay at home mummy of this lot & lovvve to sew!thanks so much for supporting me and my little venture & family!

xx lesh

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